by Kathy Jones on  July 27, 2012 at 8:02 PM General Health News
 “Wiggins Wiggle”, “Bolt Balance”, “Murray Madness” to Help Couch Potatoes During Olympics
With millions of Britons expected to stay glued to the television watching the Olympics unfold, a British doctor has developed an exercise plan that is named and designed on particular events.

"There's plenty to do without moving from the TV," the Daily Express quoted Dr Valerie Gladwell, of Essex University, as saying.

Her "Wiggins Wiggle," a nod to Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, involves draping one's legs off the sofa and peddling along with the champion.

In "Bolt Balance," she urges people to stand on one leg during a Usain Bolt sprint.

Her "Mexican Wave" requires standing and sitting every time the ball goes out of the play in the football.

And for "Murray Madness," people need to bounce a ball off the wall in time with Andy Murray's rallies.

Source: ANI

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