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 Whole Milk Goes Out of Fashion in UK
Whole milk is going out of fashion in the UK. As the more health-conscious opt more and more for skimmed milk, dairy firms are beginning to export more and more cream to the rest of the world.

Dr Judith Bryans of the Dairy Council sees a shift from whole milk to skimmed and semi-skimmed.

"We export around 60,000 tons of cream each year to our continental counterparts.

"Although we don't want to have fat in excessive amounts I think people are afraid to have some cream and they shouldn't be.

"And for young children they really should be having whole milk," Dr.Bryans said.

Chef Rowley Leigh of Cafe Anglais is appealing to people to avoid demonising the dairy product and instead view it as a treat. He also asserts Britain has some of the best cream in the world and.

"Cream is a beautiful thing. When French chefs come over to this country they cannot believe the quality of our cream and they cook with it all the time.

"If we stopped eating cream we would stop having cows, we would stop having grass and we would become quite a dreary country. People think there is something bad about it and it's just not true."

The average person now consumes just 20ml of cream per week, the fat equivalent of around two shortbread biscuits.

Most raw milk, that is milk straight from the cow, contains four percent or higher milk fat. Actual percentage of milk fat varies based on the type of cow that produced the milk and other variables such as type of feed and time of year.

But then all cows' milk is an excellent source of calcium, regardless of fat content. Vitamin D is added to every type of milk to enhance the absorption of calcium.

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