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White Population in S Africa on the Brink of Extinction, Possibly by 2161: Study
The white and Indian population in South Africa's is declining, while the previous figure could become extinct by the year 2161, reveals new study.

News 24 quoted a new report by the South African Institute of Race Relations that reveals that the country's white population was declining by about 0.3 percent every five years.

The decline has been attributed by the institute to lowered fertility rates affecting the middle class across all population groups, as well to continued white emigration.

City Press extrapolated the figures and discovered that, if the current decline trends persisted, white South Africans would be extinct by the year 2161.

Figures contained in the institute's yearly South Africa Survey showed that South Africa's white and Indian population were declining, while the country's coloured and black African population groups were growing.

The study predicted that by 2025, the black African population would have grown by about five million from the current level of 40 million. Over the same period, the white population would have declined by 350 000 to a level of just more than four million.

The Indian population would decline marginally, while the coloured population would grow by just under 600 000, it said.

Frans Cronje, the deputy chief executive of the institute, said there was a "lot of controversy" around the figures, because South Africa's population statistics may be off by as much as 10 million."

Cronje said the country's white population was declining because of lowered fertility rates among women that was a "symptom of the middle class".

Source: ANI

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