Where You Stand in the Lift Reflects Your Status

by Kathy Jones on Apr 19 2013 7:54 PM

 Where You Stand in the Lift Reflects Your Status
An Australian researcher suggests that where you stand in an elevator and how you behave could be a part of a massive power struggle going on with the people in there.
According to Rebekah Rousi, who is a Ph.D. student in cognitive science, the position that people of different ages and gender take inside an elevator could be based on a micro social hierarchy that is established within seconds of entering the lift. Rousi reached the conclusion after taking 30 lift rides in the two buildings.

“Men watched the monitors, looked in the side mirrors (in one building) to see themselves, and in the door mirrors (of the other building) to also watch others. Women would watch the monitors and avoid eye contact with other users (unless in conversation) and the mirrors”, Rousi wrote in a blog for Ethnography Matters.