What a Girl Wants- A Straight-talking Sexist Man!

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 6 2008 9:11 AM

If you think women abhor sexist men, a research says that you’ve got the rules of the dating game all wrong! When it comes to men, women apparently fancy forthright sexist ones who speak their mind.

Despite years of protests from many angered by sexist blokes, the survey found that women are more unnerved by not knowing a man's views on their place in the world than by overtly sexist attitudes.

To reach the conclusion, hundreds of women from the University of California were asked their views in tests taken in a variety of fictional office sets.

Students taking the test in an office full of pictures of nude women fared the best, while women in the neutral office, featuring just a few stacks of paper, scored the worst.

"Ironically, if you know your enemy you've got a better chance of dealing with it than if you are constantly wondering whether you will be judged unfairly," The Daily Star quoted study leader Dr Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, as saying.