Well-Educated Women Have A Positive Influence On Their Husbands

by Aruna on Oct 9 2009 9:22 AM

A new Swedish research says that a well-educated wife positively influences both her and her husband's chances of a long life.

Researchers have found that educated wives are more likely to encourage husbands to be healthy.

They also buy better food for their family and have healthier lifestyles than those who left education early, reports The Daily Express.

To reach the conclusion, boffins in Sweden looked at data on education, jobs and income for more than 1.5million men and women aged 30 to 59.

They compared it with their general life­ expectancy and also their risk of dying from specific cancer and circulatory problems.

The results showed that men married to women who left school at the first chance were 25 per cent more likely to die early.

Those married to women with a university degree were 13 per cent more likely to die early than those whose wives had a post-graduate qualification.

The researchers said: "Educated women may prefer not to live with men who drink and smoke excessively or who drive carelessly and men with such inclinations may avoid highly educated women."

However, the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health study found no link between a man's education and his wife's lifespan.