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Weight Loss Surgery in Obese Diabetic Patients Cuts Pancreatic Cancer Risk
Weight loss surgery significantly lowers the risk of developing pancreatic cancer in obese people with diabetes, reports a new study. The findings of the study are published in the UEG Journal.

The study analyzed 1,435,350 obese patients with diabetes over 20 years. A total of 10,620 patients in the study had undergone bariatric surgery, which helps patients lose weight.

The study found that obese patients with diabetes are at a lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer if they had undergone weight loss surgery. The majority of patients that underwent bariatric surgery within the study were female.

Dr. Aslam Syed, the lead author, commented, "Obesity and diabetes are well-known risk factors for pancreatic cancer through chronic inflammation, excess hormones and growth factors released by body fat. Previously, weight loss surgery has been shown to promote high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, and our study reveals that this surgery is a viable way to decrease the pancreatic cancer risk in this growing, at-risk group."

The findings are especially timely, with rates of obesity, diabetes, and pancreatic cancer all on the rise.

"Clinicians should consider bariatric surgery in patients with metabolic disorders, like diabetes and obesity, to help decrease the risk and burden of pancreatic cancer," adds Dr. Syed.

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