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 Weary Dad Invents Nap-App To Send Twins To Sleep
After spending sleepless nights, being kept awake by his twin babies, a weary father has not only found a solution, but also making 60,000 pounds a year in the process.

Matthew Nifield, 33, invented a phone app to send his one-year-old daughters, Madeleine and Gwyneth, to sleep after he found certain sounds made them nod off.

White Noise Ambience app for iPads and iPhones has been downloaded by exhausted parents all over the world.

It has proved so popular that the computer whizz is now making 60,000 pounds a year.

"It is earning me around 5,000 pounds-a-month," the Daily Mail quoted Nifield as saying.

The 33-year-old was having sleepless nights because Madeleine and Gwyneth would rarely fall asleep together.

But he noticed that some relaxing sounds would start them yawning and they would soon doze off.

Soon he started recording the gentle sounds of waves crashing, rain falling onto a car roof and even a cat purring.

And whenever the twins were wide awake he would play one of the sounds to send them off.

"It worked for my girls and now the app is available online - lots of tired parents are downloading it," Nifield said.

Matthew, of Cardiff, South Wales, recorded 150 different sounds and tried them out on his little girls, who were just six months old at the time.

Other sounds on the app are, a steam train, frogs croaking in a rainforest, and even the sounds of a sprinkler, tumble drier and lawnmower.

Source: ANI

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