by Shirley Johanna on  October 3, 2016 at 8:18 PM Medical Gadgets
Wearable Tech Shows Stress Levels at Paris Fashion Week
Fashion designer Hussein Chalayan partnered with Intel to unveil wearable technology that can visually project the stress levels.

Chalayan used Intel's Curie module, a chip that can control and filter data, five models at the Paris Fashion Week were sent down the catwalk wearing smart glasses and belts that measured their stress levels, processed the biofeedback, then generated the visual projection.

The smart glasses gathered biometric data from three sensors: one with EEG electrodes to monitor brainwave activity, another to capture and measure heart rate variability, and the last a microphone that picked up on breathing rates. The three sensors combined can process stress in the wearer.

The data sent to the belt via a Bluetooth, where it is displayed on the walls as the models walked, via tiny projectors embedded within the belts.

According to Intel, the goal of the show was to "illustrate the potential of future integrations of fashion and technology by bringing innovative concepts and aspirations to life."

"When we spoke to Chalayan, much of the conversation centered around what's happening in our environment, the stress of every day and how to proactively manage its impact on the body," Sandra Lopez, vice president for the New Technology Group at Intel, said backstage before the show.

"We wanted to work with Hussein because we needed a designer who was unafraid to push our engineers to work on projects they would never have thought were possible. And that was him. Our whole goal with wearables is improving human lives."

In the past, Chalayan had experimented his clothing with technology. He has created looks that change shape with the use of microchips and made dresses embedded with LEDs.

Source: Medindia

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