Water Extravaganza in London Comes With a Heavy Price

by Medindia Content Team on Oct 14 2007 1:23 PM

Claridge's has offered its guests a luxurious water range by putting together a list of more than 30 varieties of water - with prices stretching to as much as 50 pounds a litre.

The lavish London hotel has worked out an extensive menu with water from countries as far-off as Norway, Patagonia, New Zealand and Hawaii.

Additionally, purveyors are advised on which water is appropriate for what occasion.

For instance fine artesian water from Japan is said to be "a perfect companion" to sushi, sashimi and caviar, whereas Waiwera Mineral Water from the Waiwera Thermal Resort in New Zealand has a low mineral content, which works well with grilled and fried meat.

The most expensive on the menu is 420 Volcanic, spring water from Tai Tapu in New Zealand, which can be bought for 50 pounds per litre.

Also included on the list is 10 Thousand BC, water that comes from the melted ice of the Hat Mountain Glacier and is more than 10,000 years old, which costs £15 for 75cl.

"Water is becoming like wine. Every guest has an opinion and asks for a particular brand. We try to be ahead of our guests' requests and offer the very best choice available,” the Daily Mail quoted Renaud Gregoire, Claridge's food & beverage director, as saying.

"I am excited about this menu. Because of the hard work that went into the research, I am confident that we have created something very special,” he added.

Among all the opulence, there’s also an option for those who don’t wish to shell out so much money - a glass of old fashioned London tap water, and that too free of charge.