by Rathi Manohar on  July 24, 2010 at 12:07 PM Child Health News
Vitamins Help Children to Fight Against Bone Diseases, Claims Study
Certain vitamins should be included in the diet of children suffering from celiac disease to prevent weak bones and osteoporosis, claims a research study done at the University of Alberta.

A study of 43 children and teens from three to 18 years of age diagnosed with celiac disease showed that they also tended to have low bone density, likely due to poor intake and absorption of vitamins and minerals.

In other words, they should be getting more of bone-boosting vitamins such as K and D in their diets, said Diana Mager, a professor of agricultural, food and nutritional science at the U of A, and one of the researchers on the project.

"Children with celiac disease are at risk for poor bone health, but by adding vitamins K and D to their diets, it can help reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis," said Mager.

The study revealed that the children were getting less than 50 per cent of their recommended dietary intake of Vitamin K, and that they also suffered from low levels of Vitamin D, which can be raised through increased exposure to sunlight and by eating fortified dairy products.

Mager also recommended that children with celiac disease include physical activity in their daily routines to build their bone strength and boost their Vitamin D intake by exercising outside.

"Enjoying activities such as walking and running outdoors when there is more sunshine is a great way to contribute to healthy bones," said Mager.

Source: ANI

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