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 Visitor Health Insurance Plans Launched by the India Network Health Insurance
The India Network Health Insurance brought out a simplified tool to help Indians working in the USA choose insurance for their visiting parents and relatives. The health insurance marketplace can be confusing for those buying health insurance regularly or for the first time. Those Indians working in the USA will typically receive employer sponsored health insurance.

Elderly visitors who are in their 50's and above, generally require to be covered for pre-existing ailments and need to buy health insurance covers as otherwise they will face huge medical bills. India Network found that plans in the US offered  coverage under pre-existing illnesses under phrases which were vague  - for example, "sudden recurrence", or " acute onset" and the like.

ACE American Insurance Company underwrites the policies for India Network Health Insurance. Their ACE Network Comprehensive Plan and ACE Premier fixed benefit plans provide unconditional coverage for pre-existing conditions. Under these plans which use easily understood language are transparent with a clear policy. Any visitor who chooses health insurance under these plans will have a cover for new problems. Those with pre-existing conditions will have to pay higher deductibles and set a policy maximum.

Dr. KV Rao is the President of India Network Health Insurance - he is happy with the progress of the policy and its development over 2 decades. Today, India Network Health Insurance Policy is a leader with exemplary coverage not offered by any other organization in the United States or in India. India Network Foundation health insurance program has been helping thousands of families since 1990 and is available to all age groups 0-99, with coverage for pre-existing conditions, new problems, accidents, medical evacuation, repatriation benefits, and accidental death benefit among others.
This non-profit organization has been helping the Asian community in North America; it also sponsors visitor health insurance for tourists and students.

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