Vision is Back, Thanks to Ayurveda

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 24 2007 2:17 PM

Vision is Back, Thanks to Ayurveda
Mono ocular loss of vision following a blunt trauma managed by Ayurvedic therapy Nanda Kishore 45/M a resident of Lucknow and a motor driver by profession suffered a major set back on a day when he struck by a cricket ball to his left eye. There was an instant black out and the vision was not back even when the initial inflammation to the eye resolved.
His retinal examination revealed a sub retinal hemorrhage with area of chorioretinal atrophy at left macula. A three-month trial of the conventional therapy was of no avail except the returning of vision to a finger counting level. An OCT and FFA conducted this time has revealed hyper reflectivity and irregularity at RPE Bruch's membrane complex and decreased retinal thickness.

Ayurvedic therapy started at this stage after a proper analysis of his symptoms. A three month follow-up was marked by a remarkable improvement in vision in left eye, which was back to 6/18. The treatment was continued for another 3 months to make further improvements.

After 6 month of Ayurvedic therapy Nanda kishore resumed to his job as a driver and with drawn the therapy by him self. A subsequent follow-up after 6month of withdrawal has shown the vision in his left eye as 6/12 .OCT and FFA done this time were marked with substantial improvements in the RPE Bruch's membrane complex.

A persistence of the vision in the affected eye even after 6 month of withdrawal of Ayurvedic therapy is an indicator of pathology correction at the cellular level where the possibility of remission of the symptoms can be reduced to a minimum. In this case the Ayurveda has added substantially to the vision of Nanda Kishor. Does it add some to our eyes too?

BMCRCayurveda is a unique center at lucknow, India, providing evidence based and scientifically backed ayurvedic therapy in many conditions where modern medicine has given up.

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