by Aruna on  October 22, 2009 at 9:55 AM Lifestyle News
Violence Between Couples Is 'Calculated' And Does Not Result From Loss Of Control
According to a study various types of violence between couples generally stem from a calculated decision-making process.

Dr. Eila Perkis, University of Haifa, found that various types of intimate violence serve as a tool to solve conflict between couples and does not result from loss of control.

The study, carried out under the supervision of Prof. Zvi Eisikovits and Dr. Zeev Winstok of the University of Haifa's School of Social Work, discovered that the partner resorting to violence will do so only as long as the price to be paid is not too high.

Dr. Perkis explained: "Neither of the couple sits down and plans when he or she will swear or lash out at the other, but there is a sort of silent agreement standing between the two on what limits of violent behavior are 'ok', where the red line is drawn, and where behavior beyond that could be dangerous."

She added: "The violent partner might conceive his or her behavior as a 'loss of control', but the same individual, unsurprisingly, would not lose control in this way with a boss or friends."

Source: ANI

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