by Medindia Content Team on  April 24, 2006 at 9:44 PM Women Health News
Cleaning Cathartic?
United Kingdom: Cleaning is doubly beneficial, for it ensures two things - one, the mess all tidied up and Two, mentally cleanses the cleaner (Lady of the House!) Women, spoke of being in total control when they tidy up and put things in order, but the flip side to it, is that nearly half of the women interviewed confessed that 'cleaning' became so obsessive that they could be called "Cleanoholics" !

Women could get into throes of depression if they left their house messy and nearly seven out of 10, worried sick incase they left their homes messy. The housework survey by Discovery Home and Health has revealed that nearly 46 per cent of women wished they could really wish the cleaning jobs away. The statistics say that domestic chores consume nearly nine years, two months and 25 days over a lifetime and the cleaning habit sums up to almost £9.70 a week on cleaning products.

So what do you do next time you feel stressed out? Run to a shrink? Help is right within your own home...Just start cleaning up and fight those stresses away!

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