by Medindia Content Team on  March 20, 2006 at 3:44 PM News on IT in Healthcare
Decoding the Medicare Code
Senior citizens are amidst a lot of confusion as many are not aware of the Medicare part D program's guidelines.

But the Medicare treatment bus which came near Roxbury Presbyterian Church was a great relief for them.

The 115-year-old church on Warren Street was the ninth stop for the bus, which has been traversing New England cities and towns since Monday to simplify the healthcare process for seniors.

The deadline to sign up for new prescription drug coverage is May 15. But many are not aware of how the plan works. The seniors asked a number of questions about the plan D program to the10 professional counselors who arrived with their 10 computers.

Roosevelt Tucker, 67 years old is paying $225 a month for high-blood-pressure medicine.

But now because of this new federal program known as Medicare Part D his prescription drug costs are set to drop to $15 a month.

Similarly in the case of Lewison Hendrix, who is over 60 and lives in Roxbury, stopped reading all the letters she was receiving about healthcare coverage.

She said that I was very confusing. Rev. Hurmon E. Hamilton Jr., the church's senior pastor said that it is very confusing for the seniors to understand the latest technology of the usage of computers.

Hence the government is requested to send such counselors to all the areas to explain each and every thing in detail to all the senior citizen for their benefit and easy understanding.

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