by Medindia Content Team on  October 11, 2006 at 5:55 PM General Health News
Surgery Goes Hi-Tech With a ‘Solution’ to Stop Blood Loss
Cutting blood loss during surgery can mean all the difference between life and death of many patients, and has been a nagging area for scientists, who yet do not have many options at their disposal to arrest bleeding in the operation room. Scientists in Hong Kong and the United States seem to have narrowed down on a technique that employs highly evolved liquids, equipped to reduce the duration of surgery drastically.

This is like a breath of fresh air for the field of surgery, where almost 50% of the duration of the surgery is devoted to controlling blood loss. The promising solution is a biodegradable liquid consisting of protein fragments which is capable of arresting the bleeding, scientists said, after they tested it on wounded rodents.

Rutledge Ellis Behnke, a research scientist at the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and lead author of the study said "The time to perform an operation could potentially be reduced by up to 50 percent."

So Kwok-fai, professor of anatomy at Hong Kong University, and the second author of the study said, "This may be a way to perform an operation in a dirty environment to prevent contamination of wounds."

The findings are published in the online edition of 'Nanomedicine'

Source: Medindia

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