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Healthy Mind leads to Healthy Heart
Cardiology clinics are now conducting lifestyle counseling with a divine touch as recent research has proved the association between mental attitude and general well being, mainly healthy hearts.

The new scientific findings prove to be very effective, in spite of the saying "healthy mind-healthy body" being around for long. "Now the risk of heart disease is being increasingly linked to the personality of an individual," V. Chockalingam, president of Cardiology Society of India, Tamil Nadu, told a press conference ahead of World Heart Day falling on Sunday.

" Research indicates that persons with certain personality traits run a five-fold risk of developing heart disease, " he said. People belonging to Type C personality or Type D are at higher risk of suffering heart disease, cancer or diabetes. "The advice to have a balanced approach is increasingly relevant in today's success-driven world," Dr. Chockalingam said.

From a health point of view, success is neither the money amassed nor promotions obtained, but is decided by how happy or worry-free a person can be.

Dr. Chockalingam said, "There are many instances of survivors of a heart attack suffering another episode merely from worrying about it." The increase in occurrence of eschaemic heart disease, mainly among the young is an issue of concern.

In India, 90 people in the age group 25-30 die every hour due to coronary disease. There is an annual reduction of 7% in frequency of heart disorders in developed countries whereas; there is an annual increase of 12% in India.

Madras Medical Mission will celebrate the World Heart Day by conducting many programmes from September 22 to 24. Several awareness campaigns planned for Sunday will emphasize diet and harmful habits such as smoking.

'How young is your heart?' is the theme for this year's celebration arranged by World Heart Federation, World Health Organisation and UNESCO.

Source: Medindia

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