by Medindia Content Team on  August 16, 2006 at 3:03 PM Women Health News
Fat Blues: Dimpled Thighs and Rosy Cheeks….Forever yours?
This is not good news for all those women on weight loss programmes, aspiring to melt away cellulites. Doctors are now pretty sure that cellulite is extremely obstinate and never really goes away, even when women actually lose weight.

New research has indicated that when women knock of extra weight, sometimes the cellulite actually makes the skin look worse. Cellulite has off late come in for a lot of attention with style divas having done their bit to whip up frenzy. Many miracle cures have mushroomed to cash in on the cellulite-busting opportunity.

Doctors have now spoken the bitter truth that there is no remedy for cellulite. It is better the cellulite endowed women just learn to live with them, rather than going after these so-called miracle cures.

American plastic surgeon John Kitzmiller, who conducted the study, said: "Approximately 85 per cent of women are affected by cellulite. It is not specific to overweight people, but excess weight may make it worse. We found that weight loss in overweight patients improved the appearance of cellulite, but for a few, it actually worsened the condition."

He went on to say "Although the appearance of cellulite diminished for the majority of patients, weight loss did not totally eradicate the condition. The dimples appear to be permanent features that lessen in depth as the pounds come off."

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