by Medindia Content Team on  August 13, 2006 at 1:03 AM Indian Health News
India Says It Is ‘‘Avian Influenza Free Country’’
India declared itself ''avian influenza free country'' on August 12 after no new cases emerged since the February/March outbreak in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

"India has regained its status as an avian influenza free country and a final report in this regard has been sent to World Organisation of Animal Health yesterday," said a statement issued by the department of animal husbandry.

There was a bird flu outbreak among poultry on February 18 at Navapur and Ucchal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. After that Jalgaon was affected. But since April 18 no new cases have been detected.

But the animal husbandry department said that it would continue to monitor the situation. "Considering the global spread of avian influenza and the situation in the neighboring country where it is almost endemic, surveillance will continue in the country as a whole, especially in the outbreak areas, areas of major poultry concentration and those visited by migratory birds," it added.

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