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Are children living as well as they are meant to be?
Children's society in United Kingdom has initiated a two-year study to measure the wellbeing of children. Adult response and children's experience with respect to schooling, education and other important life experiences which have an indelible impact on childhood, will be studied, to ascertain the exact status of children in UK. This initiative is headed by Prof Richard Layard, a former government adviser.

Bob Reitemeier, chief executive of the Children's Society, said the sole purpose of this study is to 'challenge the misconceptions surrounding children and encourage fresh thinking about childhood. The Good Childhood Inquiry will have a far reaching impact on children's lives this century.'

Prof Layard, emphasizing the apparent difference in childhood between generations said, 'Our wealth as a society has clearly not bought us the kind of childhood we want for our children. Our failure to keep up with the reality of children's lives means that there is a serious problem with the way in which childhood is both experienced and understood.'

The results of this study are slated to be announced in 2008.

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