by Medindia Content Team on  July 25, 2006 at 9:08 PM Diet & Nutrition News
High Carb Diet Doubles Fat Loss
According to a study conducted by the Australian researchers, a diet rich in carbohydrate but low in glycemic index (GI) was found to be very effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

A diet with a high glycemic index results in the sudden rise in the blood sugar levels. Some of the food substances which have very low glycemic index are oats, barley, bran, wholegrain, sour dough breads, Basmati, Doongara rice. Professor Jennie Brand-Miller and Joanna McMillan-Price of the University of Sydney Human Nutrition Unit conducted the study. The researchers analyzed 129 overweight or obese young adults, aged 18-40. The participants were assigned to one of four reduced calorie, reduced fat diets over a 12-week period.

Empowering Better Health

Two of the diets were rich in carbohydrate and the other two were high in protein. One of each category had a high GI and the other had a low GI. The researchers said that dietary glycemic load played a very important role in determining the weight gain and loss in an individual. It was also found that moderate reductions in glycemic load appeared to increase the rate of body fat loss, particularly in women. The study is published in the journal of Archives of Internal Medicine. The researchers concluded that a diet rich in carbohydrate with low glycemic index was very effective in lowering the glycemic load and also doubled the fat loss from the body.

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