by Medindia Content Team on  July 17, 2006 at 2:25 PM AIDS/HIV News
Canadian Youth to Help South African AIDS Awareness
The Canadian youth-based "Lets Stop Aids Org" is currently touring South Africa to raise awareness of AIDS and funds for medication for children living with HIV/Aids.

Betty Chiu, a member of this organization has tested negative for HIV/Aids earlier this week. She is encouraging other youngsters to follow her example and get themselves tested for HIV/AIDS.

The organization, 'Lets Stop Aids Org' was established three years ago at a Canadian high school to raises awareness about HIV/Aids and also funds for medication for children suffering from the disease.

Chiu said, 'We focus on all children under the age of 16 in Third World countries who have HIV/Aids.'

Chiu said they raised funds in Canada by selling greeting cards illustrated by children living with the disease. They sold the cards for $5. The cards are blank with a brief explanation of the purpose of the card printed on the back.

Shamin Mohamed, 18, who initiated the organization, said: "We encourage youth to be involved with this cause. Our goal is to educate children with HIV/Aids, and teach others how to prevent it."

According to Mohamed when they visited several rural areas in South Africa they were shocked to note the lack of health care facilities and medication available to children living with HIV/Aids.

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