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Career Choice, Entrepreneuship All Behind Genes
Research on genes results, success of every person whether to be self-employed or not lies in the hands of genes.

Family background and grown environment comparatively have lesser effect than genes on a person success - A study with 1,200 pairs of twins shows. It was also proved to be true upto (48%) by researchers at St Thomas' Hospital, London, Imperial College, London, and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, US.

About 609 pairs of identical twins and 657 pairs of non-identical twins of same sex were studied.

When comparing identical and non-identical twins, the rate of gene action on entrepreneuship and environmental factors was much higher than only with twins and general population.

The director of the Twin Research Unit at St Thomas' Hospital, named Professor Tim Spector, says, more mathematical calculations and percentages were to be done on it for accurate calculation.

Others argue that rather than upbringing and environment good education plays a huge role in bring out the entrepreneur.

Job satisfation, work ideas, work values, vocational interest and other job oriented-tasks are showed to be due to genetic factors - researchers proved from many evidences.

Individual difference and other related factors estimates a person entrepreneurial activity.

To make a way for future research in this line, Prof Spector says, this may be helpful.

St Thomas' Hospital is now searching for more twin volunteers aged between 16 and 85, from all over the UK, for a study relating common diseases and behaviours.

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