by Medindia Content Team on  June 3, 2006 at 5:11 PM Women Health News
Viagra vitalizes sex life of diabetic women
New York - Young women suffering diabetes and sexual dysfunction may find Viagra a good option to rejuvenate sexual enjoyment, a study reveals. Infact, women express improved sexual enjoyment, orgasm and a less painful intercourse with Viagra.

Many diabetic women experience sexual dysfunction caused by vaginal dryness, and several other factors. Now, Dr. Salvatore Caruso and associates, from the University of Catania in Italy, have said that the benefits of Viagra noted in men, may apply to women too.

The study involved 32 women with type 1 diabetes who were presently complaining of sexual dysfunction, but in the past had normal arousal. These women were administered Viagra and a placebo randomly. They were advised to take the medicine an hour before the sexual activity.

The findings revealed that the women who had taken Viagra portrayed improved arousal and orgasm. With an ultrasound test capable of measuring the blood flow to the clitoris, it was found that Viagra and not the placebo contributed to an increase in the sexual pleasure.

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