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Child Minding Still Not Up to the Mark
The Care Commission has found that although the standard of child minding is generally good in Scotland one in five of Scotland's child minding services is still failing to meet the highest legal standards of care.

Concerns have been raised over some 1065 services where issues of inadequate health and hygiene, poor record keeping and insufficient insurance have been raised

The first national report released by the Commission on the quality of child minding in Scotland has shown that officials closed four of the child minding services because of inadequate care.

The Care Commission regulates 5890 registered child minders. The commission reported that 78% of services required no intervention on its part with over 97% of parents being content with their child minder.

The 1065 child minders in question were ordered to make changes. There were a total of 115 complaints from these child minders. Legal enforcement action was taken against 43 of them, which led to four getting shut.

The commission mentioned that plans were being laid for more unannounced checks.

However for the present as Anne McNellan, head of the Scottish Child minding Association, said: 'We are delighted at the high level of satisfaction indicated by parents of their service.'

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