by Medindia Content Team on  May 6, 2006 at 11:09 AM AIDS/HIV News
HIV Scare at St Ives
At St Ives in Cornwall there is an increase in the number of HIV cases. This has led to a HIV scare among the people of Cornwall. It is popular tourism spot with surfers and art lovers. The cases that have been identified with HIV are people aged 20 to 50. All were infected through heterosexual sex. The West Cornwall Primary Care Trust declined to confirm the exact number of cases or explain how they had come to light, to protect patient confidentiality.

The outbreak is thought to have been triggered by a single HIV carrier who had sex with a number of people. The virus has since been transmitted on as the group of those infected includes men and women. Dr David Miles, the director of public health, urged anyone who had unprotected sex outside a long-term relationship to go for an AIDS test. The cases have come to light during the general genito-urinary checks made that are common. There have been two previous clusters of HIV cases in Britain, spread through heterosexual sex but such thing like it in Cornwell. But in conclusion the doctor suggested the people to have safe sex as a precautionary measure against contracting AIDS.

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