by Medindia Content Team on  May 6, 2006 at 11:03 AM Women Health News
Supportive Husbands Can Help Ease PMS
Although all women undergo the monthly ordeal of PMS, those who have a caring and compassionate husband tend to handle it better than their counterparts , reveals a new study.

Time and over again, hormonal changes within a woman have been blamed for mood swings, lethargy and pain associated with premenstrual syndrome or PMS. This new study has however highlighted that husbands who lack compassion for their wives can make matters worse.

Women tend to be angry, withdrawn, depressed and argumentative, a few days before their period, more so when they end up with an unsympathetic spouse. Surprisingly, there is no biological difference between a woman who experiences PMS and one who does not. In most of the cases, the symptoms are aggravated by certain events that take place inside the body and the external environment. The importance of a comforting male partner in easing PMS is more felt in women who strive hard to balance their work and family life.

'A classic case of PMS is a woman who's working full-time, looking after everyone at home, shopping after work, picking up the kids from school, finding very little space for herself. Women are able to keep up this superwoman performance three weeks a month, but, premenstrually, they are not able or willing to do it any more. They either withdraw and feel depressed or they can become very angry with the family. I would say it isn't biological - it's to do with what's happening in the family and the relationship,' said Ussher, the study author.

The researchers to substantiate her finding even analyzed the severity of the symptoms in heterosexual couples and those involved in lesbian relationships. As expected, those in lesbian relationships were less affected as a consequence of PMS.

Men seem to be less competent when it comes to expressing their care and concern for women. They are rather unaware about how to handle the situation. They also tend to blame the woman for everything, aggravating PMS symptoms even further. Women involved in lesbian relationships are more likely to appreciate their partner's condition and provide the much needed warmth and emotional support.

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