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 Use Phones, MP3 Players, Gaming Devices in Class, Brit Kids Told
School kids in Britain are in for a good time in class after they have been given permission to use banned mobile phones, MP3 players and gaming devices in class, as they are believed to help them learn.

Teachers at a 1,230-pupil comprehensive reckon the gadgets are a "huge untapped resource" for teaching.

Most schools have outlawed mobiles and other electronic gear as a "distraction" in class, but Notre Dame RC in Sheffield is the first to get children to use them as a teaching aid.

"As a comprehensive state school we could never afford to buy every student all the IT and mobile devices we would like them to have," the Sun quoted assistant head Paul Haigh as saying.

"But most students own many of these devices anyway - they're just hidden in their schoolbags.

"What's more they're experts in using them as they use them every day," he said.

But Justine Roberts, of parenting group Mumsnet, said the devices could "distract lessons".

"No one would disagree we want technology to enhance learning, but there are other ways," Chris Keates of teaching union NASUWT added.

The school, which specialises in technology, has been recommended for excellence awards.

"The teacher will have full control over whether students can use mobile devices in class - and how they do so," Haigh stated.

A spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families added: "There is no formal ruling which bans mobile phone use in class. The decision is down to the individual school."

Source: ANI

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