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 US Pastor Commands His Congregation to Have Sex for Seven Days Straight
Go forth and multiply, God was supposed to have told the first humans he created. Here comes along a priest who wants to have his congregation to have sex for seven days straight.

Rev. Ed Young, 47, the founder of the nondenominational Fellowship Church, which has campuses in Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano and another in Miami, is getting national attention after saying he'll dare married members of his congregation to a week of sex.

"If you're married, starting next Sunday I'm going to challenge you to have sex with your spouse for seven days," he told his congregation.

"Man, we're going to be the happiest church on planet earth," he said.

Young, who has four children with his wife of 26 years, Lisa, says he plans to practice what he preaches.

Young says he believes society promotes promiscuous sex and that he wants to reclaim it for married couples.

"God says sex should be between a married man and a woman," he asserts.

Young plans to make his pitch on Sunday in his sermon, while sitting on a bed brought into the church.

Many liberals have criticized him for bringing religion into sex. "Sex is about intimacy, affection, passion, it's not a drill to be executed on command from someone on the pulpit or elsewhere," fumed one.

Yet others wondered whether the more aggressive of his following might not force themselves on their partners even when they might not be inclined for sex.

But the pastor remains unfazed. Ed Young claims that it is the God's word he's uttering. He is considered a charismatic preacher, and he boasts that he has 10,000 couple who would do his bidding.

Even as man multiplies, churches also multiply exponentially in the USA. Consequently all kinds of oddballs too gain prominence.

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