UP Priest Have a Daily Dose of 'Electric Shocks' for Sound Sleep

UP Priest Have a Daily Dose of
A priest in Uttar Pradesh’ Lalitpur District has developed a bizarre liking for electric shocks. He cannot do without his daily dose for a sound sleep.
Baba Mangal Das, the priest of Ram Janaki temple at Bamhorisar village in Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh is addicted to this weird habit for three years. And, he strangely claims to have never faced any adverse effect.

“At night, I plug this wire in and place a live wire either inside my mouth, ears or under my armpit to sleep well. Without having electric shocks, I turn restless. I have been doing it for the past three to four years," a priest Ram Janaki temple, Bamhorisar.

The 52-year-old priest is said to have been fond of opium, smack and marijuana. His craving for intoxication remained unquenched until he experienced electric shock on touching one end of an electrified iron rod in 2004.

Mangal Das loves getting his dose of thrills from a kitchen-heater's coils while it is switched on. Over it, he places one end of a rod and takes the other end to his tongue.

"I used to dope a lot. I used to have marijuana but slowly it stopped intoxicating me. I started getting electric shocks to satisfy my craving,” said Mangal Das.

Although initially dazed to learn Mangal's unique way of doping, the villagers are now accustomed to see him fiddling with live wires.

"I am seeing him since the past three years using electricity for doping. He says that he cannot live without it, so we too don't push him to get rid of it," said Ajay Upadhyaya, a villager.

Seeing Mangal getting electric shocks and surviving , a few villagers seek his blessings as they consider him divine!

According to medical practitioners, it is all about developing immunity.

"Human physiology is such that if one keeps on using something for doping, his or her body develops immunity to that thing. This man is having electric shocks for a long time and his body has developed insulation power. There is no miracle at all to it," said Dr. Amit Chaturvedi, a Physician at the Government Hospital in Lalitpur.


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