UP Farmers Turns to Homeopathy to Produce Healthy Crops

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 26 2007 1:21 PM

Homeopathic medicines, which were so far being used for curing human diseases, are now being used by farmers in Uttar Pradesh as a substitute for chemical pesticides.

Homeopathic medicines cost much less then chemical based medicines, and according to farmers, it also gives better results.

Swami Parmanand's homeopathic medicines for crops have become popular among the farmers living around Soraav division of Allahabad District.

"Earlier, we used to utilize pesticides and manure worth around 1000 rupees on about one acre land. But now, we use only homeopathic medicines worth rupees 200 or 250," said Jeet Lal, a farmer.

Swami Parmanand, a Bachelor of Science, says he has learnt the formula of making the homeopathic medicines from hermits living in the Himalayas.

"These homeopathic medicines should be used in the way you put urea and other sprays on the crops. They give good results, and do not have any harmful effect on the crops. It also improves the taste of the vegetables," said Parmanand.

Introduced in 2004, the popularity of these medicines has even made scholars from the state-run Agriculture University to do a research on it.

"The research on this medicine is going on four universities of the state. A test was completed last year on potato and wheat, and the results were satisfying. It has good effect on environment and mud," said B.B. Rai, Director of the Allahabad Agricultural Institute.

The state-run Agriculture University is conducting some more research on the medicine to find its effects on other crops.