Unusual Entry into Nightclubs can be Fatal!

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 15 2008 1:24 PM

Two men who were refused entry into a nightclub Down Under scaled its roof with one crashing through the ceiling and landing on the dance floor and the other had to be rescued by emergency service volunteers after he got stuck in the ceiling.

The men, aged 20 and 21, were turned away by the doormen of Inflations nightclub in the Victorian town of Bairnsdale about 3.20am on Sunday before they concocted their own plan to get inside, reports

The pair went to the back of the building and climbed two storeys before removing a vent from the roof of the club.

Cops said the owner of the nightclub confronted the man who fell on the dancefloor, who replied, "I just dropped in for a drink. "

Both the gatecrashers, who did not have any major injuries, were charged with trespass and criminal charge.