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 Unhappy Employees Get Chance to Rant About Office on New Website
NakedOffice, a new website provides opportunity to unhappy workers to anonymously review about their employers and providing behind-the-scene glimpse of the inner workings of Australian companies.

"This company has one of the most frustrating, dysfunctional work environments I have ever encountered. Employee initiative is actively discouraged," the Age quoted one worker of Dick Smith Electronics as writing.

"'Long-standing problems go unrecognised and unresolved by management, even when there are obvious simple solutions. While there are supposedly avenues for staff to offer feedback and suggestions, they are purposely designed to be impractical and difficult to engage, and the administration in Sydney makes its contempt for the plebs abundantly clear," the worker wrote.

Another review, of Freehills law firm, claimed it was the "'single worst place I've ever worked".

"They only care about profits and keeping their clients happy ... to make more profits. Hideously long hours, poor workplace culture and no room for advancement unless you're a lawyer who likes to bill at least 14 hours a day, seven days a week," the review said.

Chris Holmes, co-founder of NakedOffice, defended the reliability of the reviews.

"'You have to take it in good faith. If someone had a good experience with a company you'd hope they'd leave a review and vice versa. If they've had a bad experience then they are going to let people know about it," Holmes said.

Many of the poor reviews on the website are supported with positive remarks about perks including free lunches, gym memberships and staff discounts.

The site lists about 3000 Australian businesses, but only 180 reviews have been posted, and proving their authenticity is difficult.

According to Holmes, momentum is growing and he plans to launch the site in New Zealand and Britain. A similar website called Glassdoor already operates in the US.

Source: ANI

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