by Dr. Trupti Shirole on  April 24, 2015 at 5:29 AM News on IT in Healthcare
 Ultrahaptics System Enables Transfer of Human Emotion to the Palm of Your Hand
Here's how next-generation technologies can stimulate different areas of the hand to convey feelings of happiness, sadness, excitement or fear. Scientists have shown that by using the Ultrahaptics system it is possible to transfer human emotion to the palm of your hand through air. These findings provide a huge potential for new innovations in human communication.

Lecturer and scientist Dr. Marianna Obrist at University of Sussex said, "Imagine a couple that has just had a fight before going to work. While she is in a meeting she receives a gentle sensation transmitted through her bracelet on the right part of her hand moving into the middle of the palm. That sensation comforts her and indicates that her partner is not angry anymore. These sensations were generated in our experiment using the Ultrahaptics system."

Dr. Obrist has been awarded 1 million pounds by the European Research Council for a five-year project to further expand the research into taste and smell, and touch. This SenseX project will aim to provide a multisensory framework for inventors and innovators to design richer technological experiences.

The study findings will be presented at the CHI 2015 conference in South Korea.

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