UK's Most Obese Teen Loses Six Stone in Just Ten Weeks in US Camp

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 18 2008 4:33 PM

Weighing 33 stone, a schoolgirl, who was declared the fattest teenager in Britain, has lost six stone in just 10 weeks after enrolling into the world's leading weight loss camp in the US.

Georgia Davis from Aberdare, South Wales, was the most obese girl ever treated at the Wellspring Academy.

And now, the 15-year-old has miraculously lost six stones in just ten weeks in the academy.

"I haven't felt this happy in a long time. I knew I had to make a change because doctors told me I was dying. My mum is ill and I need to be fit enough to look after her," British tabloid The Sun quoted Georgia as speaking from the camp in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains.

She added: "This environment is very different to the one I left behind in the UK and it has inspired me to begin the transformation. I'm determined to leave here looking and feeling like a different person."

Georgia's weight skyrocketed after she developed a food addiction, which she blamed on her dad's death when she was five.

The girl, with size 38 and having Type 2 diabetes, was even banned from her school canteen for over-eating.

However, the NHS ruled the teen was too young for gastric band surgery, slimming pills or gym membership, thus leaving no hope for mum Lesley, 53.

And that's when a nurse recommended Wellspring- a health and fitness camp for the world's most obese kids-to which Georgia enrolled after being spurred on by friends and family, and with funding from well-wishers

She lost an impressive 19 pounds (almost one and a half stone) in her first week at the college.

In just one month on her new healthy eating and exercise regime, she was told her life-threatening Type 2 diabetes has disappeared.

Georgia said: "Thanks to my new diet and exercise routine I no longer have to take drugs for my diabetes or do glucose testing. Doctors have told me this should continue as long as I stick to the programme."

Today, Georgia has shrunk from a size 38 to 32.