by Sheela Philomena on  February 5, 2011 at 12:40 PM Lifestyle News
 UK Plastic Surgeon Sued Over a 'Facial Twitch'
A businesswoman has sued her plastic surgeon for more than 50 million pounds - who she says ruined her career and her face.

The mother of three is seeking personal injury compensation from highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr Le Roux Fourie, who "tried to cover up his mistake".

Penny Johnson, 49, says she was forced to stand down as director of an international financial and IT consultancy after a botched facelift resulted in nerve damage around her cheek and eye, reports the Daily Mail.

Johnson said she now endures "uncontrollable facial movement, pain around the right eye and grimacing" as a result of the "experimental" cosmetic procedure.

This would probably continue for the rest of her life.

The High Court heard that though Fourie admits negligence, his lawyers argue that the botched surgery was to blame for Johnson's financial losses.

If Johnson wins the case, it could leave Fourie facing bankruptcy -legal costs for Johnson alone have reached an estimated 3million pounds, and Fourie's insurance indemnity only reaches 10million pounds. (ANI)

Source: ANI

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