by Hannah Punitha on  November 11, 2008 at 7:10 PM Alcohol & Drug Abuse News
 UK Football Association to Thwart Stars Who Take Drugs
UK Sport and Football Association officials are due to meet in the next couple of months to draw up the register - designed to thwart stars who take drugs like cocaine and performance-enhancing substances.

It will include at least 15 aces from England squads, ranging from senior level to youth team prospects. The rest of the list will be made up of the country's top foreign stars.

According to The Sun, 30 of the Premier League's top footballers are to be placed on a new "hit-list" in a bid to combat drug taking in the game.

They will be checked five times a year in addition to existing post-match tests. They will also be forced to provide details of their whereabouts for one hour of every day, including during end-of-season holidays.

UK Sport works in partnership with sports councils to push for success on the international stage. It also distributes Lottery cash and is accountable to the Government.

The organization has vowed to travel the world to enforce the strict policy.

Andy Parkinson, its Head of Operations for a Drug-Free Sport, was quoted as saying: "Players have licence to take anything they want in the summer as they disappear off our radar.

"I'm not arguing they do take things - but when England didn't qualify for the last Euro Championships, they didn't reappear till six weeks later before pre-season training. They could have done anything. Under this, they could be in Barbados and we can still test them," he added.

Anti-drug testers currently pick two players at random for a urine sample after every match.

Talks are now planned with players' union the PFA about bringing in the tests from next July.

Source: ANI

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