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 UK Anaesthetist Turns Hairdresser, Says He is Fed Up With NHS Bureaucracy
He had enough. He threw away his steth in disgust and took up a pair of scissors. And he is flourishing. The remarkable story of an NHS consultant in UK.

Former clinical director in anaesthesia Roger Tackley quit his 100,000 job to open his own salon.

He claims the incredibly long hours and frustration of working within a suffocating bureaucracy all added up his disillusionment as a doctor.

And a chance meeting with celebrity stylist Trevor Sorbie further inspired the 56-year-old to quit medicine.

The former Torbay hospital consultant is delighted to have changed direction after opening his own salon in Paignton, Devon.

He said: 'I got fed up with all the red tape and the restrictions on what we were allowed to do.

'I did not get the opportunity to try out new ideas.

'My hands were tied often waiting for approval from above.

'I had very little power to make any changes - I could make recommendations but nothing ever got done.

'All these things just added up in the end and it was time for a change.

'For instance when I started as a clinical consultant if a new drug or a new technique in anaesthesia came around I could try it out, using my clinical judgement, obviously not putting patients at risk.

'But then if anything is a major change from the standard procedure you have to wait for ethical approval or clinical trials to be done.

'I just thought there's more to life than spending 100 hours a week in a hospital.

'I was very stressed and a bungee jump just put me in the right mood to chuck it in - I finished my job as clinical director in 1999,' he said.

'I studied two nights a week at South Devon College but I was very worried about fitting in as I was older.

'But I got so much encouragement I knew it was what I wanted to do,' he added.

He was further enthused after a chance meeting with Trevor Sorbie on a train in November 2000 when the celebrity hairdresser told him to go for it.

Certainly hairdressing is more fun than sticking a needle in people, Tackley told a reporter of the Daily Mail.

Now the father-of-two is looking forward to being his own boss after 19 years as a consultant.

He even advised his younger son who is studying to be a doctor to chuck his course, but the son is not listening, at least not as of now.

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