by Hannah Punitha on  September 19, 2008 at 6:58 PM Sexual Health News
 Two Tips to a Satisfying Wild Sex!
Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie may have called a quickie the "best type of sex", but in reality, one needs priming for a 'fast' session, says a leading sex expert.

In an interview with The Sun, Val Sampson, couples counsellor and consultant to Durex Play, revealed the mantra while giving some tips for a satisfying quickie. What you're thinking about is that if you want to have wild sex when you get home in a very short time period, you need to prime yourself," The Daily Telegraph quoted her, as saying.

She added: "If you had a terrible journey and caught your heel in something, you're not going to feel in the mood so you need to think about sex during the day. Ideally 24 hours beforehand and basically, wake up your mind to the idea of sex. If you open your mind, the rest will follow.

"Apart from opening your mind, the number one tip is that women usually get turned on by what they hear and think.

"So you could get your partner to send you a sexy text - or call you during the day with a sexy message - saying how much he desires you and how gorgeous you are.

"You could also read erotic fiction. Those two are probably the two fastest routes to a quick turn on."

"Good quick sex is just about priming yourself. "

Madge's husband Guy Ritchie recently said in an interview that the sex scene in his new movie RocknRolla, was kept to a mere four seconds, because quickies - in real life and on screen - are the "best type of sex".

Source: ANI

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