Two Patients Die After Receiving Anti-malarial and Anti-leptospirosis Injections

by Savitha C Muppala on Aug 22 2008 5:14 PM

 Two Patients Die After Receiving Anti-malarial and Anti-leptospirosis Injections
Siddharth Hospital in Goregaon is in the eye of a storm, following the death of two inmates of the hospital, hours after they received anti-malarial and anti-leptospirosis injections on Wednesday. Six patients are in a bad shape after taking these injections. The batches of spurious injections have been sealed by the civic administration.
On Wednesday night, eight in-patients with suspected leptospirosis and malaria began vomiting and shivering hours after receiving anti-leptospirosis and anti-malaria injections. The patients were later shifted to the Cooper Hospital due to better facilities for treatment.

“The patients were administered the injections at 10.30 pm. The injection was given to them in the morning. It was around 2.30 am we started getting calls about problems. Two of the patients died early in the morning, while the others were shifted to Cooper Hospital,” said Dr Shobhna Misra, medical superintendent of Siddharth Hospital.

The deceased are Renu Yadav (20) and Sajida Ali Shaikh (24) who died hours after receiving the injection.

“She was completely okay in the evening and the doctors told me that she would be discharged today. Then in the night, they administered the injection to her. Within minutes, she began vomiting and shivering beyond control. Her condition deteriorated in front of our eyes. We complained to the officials that there was some problem with treatment. There were doctors, but they couldn’t do anything to save her,” said Tirku Yadav, Renu’s father.

Executive Health Officer Dr Jairaj Thanekar said: “A total of eight patients had come with similar symptoms — fever, vomiting and headache. A few had low platelet count. The two females who died were diagnosed with leptospirosis but their platelet count was not low. We are now awaiting the post-mortem report which will verify whether it was an allergy or a reaction to the drug that caused their deaths. The other patients were shifted to Cooper Hospital because of better infrastructure there.”

A case has been registered by the Goregaon police.



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