by Kathy Jones on  October 24, 2013 at 8:52 PM Alcohol & Drug Abuse News
 Two Friends Die Within 30 Minutes of Each Other After Taking ‘Dr Death’
An inquest heard that two friends died within half an hour of each other after taking a drug known as 'Dr Death' at an all night party.

The inquest into the deaths of Chris Goodwin, 30, and Emma Johnson, 21, found that the duo mistook the drug, known as PMA, for Speed and took five times the lethal dose. Three other people at the party were also treated for effects of drink and drugs, coroner Jennifer Leeming heard.

Emma, a finance worker, and Goodwin, a car welder, met up at a pub where they consumed drinks and took stimulants, including mephedrone and cocaine. They then went to Goodwin's house after running out of drugs and being told by Goodwin that he had some 'whizz' at his house. They soon started to feel the effects of the drug, with Goodwin screaming 'Get out of my body' while Emma went into uncontrollable spasms.

"Nothing that happened here was in any way intentional - but the fact is they, and other young people, are taking risks with their lives. There is a culture of it out there and I would say just don't do it and don't let others do it. Please learn from this and help others learn from this", coroner Leeming said.

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