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Two Easy Ways To Stay Away From Osteoporosis
Healthy bones make a healthy body! There are numerous diseases related to bone health including osteoporosis which can impair the quality of life.

Bones define our structure and are involved in the production of blood cells and mineral storage in our body. Though it is perceived as a disease of the aged, osteoporosis affects our youngsters as well. If not suffering from it, some youngsters start showing the initial signs of the same much in advance.

The bone mass is a its peak in the 20s, which is the perfect balance for growth of new bones and their repair. When we start aging, our body and health get impacted by our lifestyle. The balance between bone growth and breakdown gets disturbed which leads to a loss of bone density. Once it crosses a certain point, osteoporosis is diagnosed.

Osteoporosis can be prevented in two simple ways:
  • A well-balanced and nutritious diet which copious amounts of calcium and vitamin D.
  • Regular physical activity and weight bearing exercises.
These two steps can prevent the bone from losing its density and strengthens the bones, preventing fractures.

A falls prevention programme was initiated with the involvement of the New Zealand Falls Prevention Research Group. This included a number of leg muscle strengthening exercises and balance exercises, which are all known for preventing increased number of falls. Participants were taught one on one and it resulted in 35% decrease in both number of falls and the resultant number of injuries.

Hence, this World Osteoporosis Day, remember that osteoporosis can be prevented or least controlled with the help of weight bearing and balancing exercise. Keep yourself active at all times and that physical activity of your body will protect your bones and promote overall health.

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