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 Two British Women Jailed for Barbaric Torture of 19-year-old Girl on Suspicion of Mobile Phone Theft
Two British women have been jailed for the barbaric torture they inflicted on a 19-year-old girl last year as they suspected the girl had stolen a mobile phone.

Francesca Raby, 18, and her friend Kelly Louise Garrity, 26, punched, burned, kicked and stabbed Katie McNamara before locking her in a cupboard.

The two women hacked off McNamara's long black hair and forced her to lick her own blood off the floor.

Sentencing the two women at Minshull Street Crown Court, Judge Jonathan Geake said: 'That night, possibly affected by a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, you allowed your darker sides to get the better of you in a most bizarre way. It was quite inexplicable.'

After the sentencing, McNamara, now 20, spoke of her horrific attack, Daily Mail reports.

She said: 'I thought I was going to die. They were going to keep me another night if the neighbour had not turned up.

'I kept asking them to stop but they carried on, laughing at me. I was really scared when they were stamping on my head. I couldn't escape they had locked the front door and there were two of them, I had no chance.

'They cut my hair and then put my face into a mirror and said "you don't look so pretty now". Maybe they were jealous of my looks. I will never forgive them for what they did.'

Katie's injuries were so severe her mother Denise didn't even recognise her in the hospital bed

Garrity was sentenced to four years in prison and Raby 40 months in a young offenders' institution after both pleading guilty.

McNamara originally fell out with Raby after the latter had accused her of stealing her mobile phone in November.

Later that day, Raby phoned her up apologising and asked her to come to an address in Farnworth, Bolton.

After she arrived at the house with another friend, the two women pulled her by the hair into the kitchen and started kicking and beating her.

McNamara's friend attempted to intervene, but was threatened and told to leave.

She was then taken by taxi to a second house, where two men joined in the attack.

During the attack, McNamara lost conscious repeatedly.

As well as being punched, kicked and stamped on, she was burned with cigarettes and Garrity threw a kitchen knife at her.

A female neighbour visited the house the following morning, where Garrity and Raby showed what they had done to McNamara.

They told the woman they would kill her if she told police.

After being hospitalised, McNamara spent four months receiving treatment as an outpatient. Her hearing has been permanently damaged.

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