Two British Teens Jailed for Life Over Cruel Murder of 28-year-old Asian Muslim

by Gopalan on Nov 21 2008 9:34 AM

Two British teens, one of them a schoolboy, have been jailed for life over the cruel murder of a 28-year-old Asian Muslim. The duo battered the hapless asthmatic to death for discernible reason.

The elder boy was high on drinks at the time, and they picked up a random target just to enjoy unleashing brute force. The schoolboy actually filmed himself murdering on his mobile phone.

Andrew Smith, 16, and his friend Jason Bolton, 18, both from Deane, attacked Asaf Mahmood Ahmed on 21 December last year, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Smith filmed himself on his phone after the murder as the words "eyes of a killer" were uttered in the background.

Mr Justice MacDuff at Manchester Crown Court said the attack was "callous, unprovoked and lacking in humanity."

He sentenced Smith to a minimum 13 years' detention and gave Bolton a minimum 17-year jail term.

The court heard Smith and 18-year-old Jason Bolton had been drinking and gone out on a 'night of fun' in Deane, near Bolton, Lancashire, intending to inflict violence on anyone they came across in the street.

Passing sentence Mr Justice Alistair MacDuff said the killing was neither racially motivated nor racially aggravated but told Smith: 'I am satisfied that you were out to enjoy an evening of violence.

'You took a video of yourself saying the eyes of a killer. I have tried to find a word for the tone of your voice, that tone is pride.'

Police released the seven-second clip that shows Smith sneering at the camera, just an hour after the murder.

On the night of the attack the teenagers first targeted one man who managed to fight them off but minutes later spotted 28-year-old Asaf Mahmood Ahmed as he walked to a local shop in Bolton to buy a can of fizzy drink with just £1 in his pocket.

It is believed the pair chased him behind a local Labour club and as he tried to take refuge through the fire door, knocked him to the ground where he was punched, kicked and stamped on.

Mr Ahmed, who had two sons and a daughter aged between four and nine, tried to use his asthma inhaler but it was kicked from his hands before the pair ran off.

But seconds later they returned to the scene and Bolton attacked him again before Mr Ahmed died from an acute asthma attack triggered off by the violence.

One eyewitness saw the teenagers kicking and stamping on Mr Ahmed's head in an attack which went on for up to four minutes - triggering a fatal asthma

The girl who witnessed the attack at 9.30pm on December 21 last year near the Derby Ward Labour Club in Deane, near Bolton, saw one attacker jumped with both feet onto the man's head up to seven times.

Mr Ahmed got up onto his knees but then fell back down again as Bolton delivered four kicks with the smaller man standing to one side.

The girl told her older sister to dial 999. They went outside with their parents to try to give assistance. Mr Ahmed was found with blood all over his face.

Police later uncovered the shocking mobile phone clip when Smith was arrested at home where officers found him asleep on a sofa.

The judge Mr Justice Alistair MacDuff agreed to lift restrictions banning the identity of Smith.

Passing sentence the judge added: 'I understand the pain and distress upon the Ahmed family. Their grief is unimaginable at the loss of a kind and loving member of their family.

'I find little to commend in either of you. Not only have you caused unimaginable grief, you are vicious dangerous young thugs.

'You attacked Asaf Ahmed without mercy. He was a vulnerable man, slight of build and unable to defend himself. You beat him kicked him and stamped on him.

'The pleasure you received at the time of the assault was no doubt heightened because the victim was Asian.

'You both no doubt intended to cause him very serious injuries indeed. Neither of you has shown remorse. Your only concern was to save your own necks.'

Police found the seven-second "killer" video clip on Smith's phone, recorded an hour after the attack.

The deputy senior investigating officer in the case, Dave Hickey, said he was shocked when he discovered the footage.

"It's difficult to understand why someone would do that and aggrandise what has happened instead of showing remorse at the death," he said.

Brian Cummings QC prosecuting said: 'Two teenagers intended to inflict random violence. What is clear is that Jason Bolton does have a very nasty attitude to Asian people.

Bolton's jacket was found at the death scene and the victim had a number of facial injuries including a broken nose. He had suffered an asthma attack which was initiated and worsened by the attack.

Bolton had blood from the victim on the soles of his training shoes. He was wearing two pairs of socks all of which were bloodstained.

A hooded top was recovered from a washing basket in Smith's kitchen with blood staining on the cuff.

The jury deliberated for two-and-a-half days before delivering a majority guilty verdict.

The court also heard Mr Ahmed had been staying with his sister at the time of the attack because their mother was visiting family in Pakistan.

On the day of the killing itself, the mother had returned home and there were various family members congregated at the house.

Following the verdict, the family of Mr Ahmed said: 'This is what we were hoping for but it is never going to be enough. Even if they get 50 years there is no real comparison to what we have been through.

They said that he was "a quiet, private man who would not harm anyone".

"We are not a family without him: something is missing," they said.

"We will miss him every day of our lives."