by Kathy Jones on  December 11, 2011 at 12:59 PM Lifestyle News
 Twitter Rolls Out 'Simplified' Facebook-style Design
A brand new design that allows users to have a more detailed profile page and greater visibility of conversations between tweeters has been introduced by Twitter.

The new layout, which gives it more similar feel to Facebook, is centred around four tabs: 'connect', 'discover', 'me' and 'tweet'.

According to the Telegraph, the major changes are the addition of a more detailed profile page, the ability to see all of the activity surrounding one tweet directly below the message, in a similar fashion to Facebook 'comments'.

It also includes the 'discover' tab, which surfaces new relevant content for each user based on their interests.

Ryan Sarver, Twitter's Director of Platform, explained the rationale behind the makeover.

"We realised that tweets are not just tweets, they are photos, videos, articles ... and we know users want to see all of that content in one place and not just the URL. So with the new design we have focused on showing tweets as packages, " the paper quoted Sarver, as saying.

"We wanted people to express themselves more and we think this new design will help people share more and find more interesting content on the site," he added.

In the new Twitter feed, every tweet can be clicked upon to reveal an expanded view showing all relevant interactions beneath it, as well all media such as photos, being shown in full.

The site has redesigned the profile page, giving it more of a feel of a social network, with a photo and biography now more centrally positioned.

According to the paper, the most similar feature to Facebook is the new 'activity' feed, which comes under the discover tab. This shows each user what all the people they follow have been doing on the site, just like Facebook's News Feed does.

The new design is being gradually rolled out around the world and will be fully live by early next year.

Source: ANI

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