Twin’s Condition Stable, But Next 18 Days are Crucial

by Hannah Joy on Oct 30 2017 6:13 PM

Twin’s Condition Stable, But Next 18 Days are Crucial
The condition of conjoined twins Jagga and Kalia, whose heads were separated on the 26th October at the AIIMS was found to be stable. The twins are kept in the ICU under constant observation.
After a 16-hour-long surgery at the AIIMS, the //28-month-old conjoined twins were separated.

A team of around 30 doctors from the institute’s neurosurgery, neuro-anaesthesia, and plastic surgery departments performed the surgery.

Randeep Guleria, Director at AIIMS, said that the next 18 days would be crucial to determine the success of the surgery.

Dr Deepak Kumar Gupta, a neurosurgeon at the AIIMS, who led the surgery along with Dr. Mahapatra, said, “Jagga is on intermittent hemodialysis, and his kidney functioning is improving.”

“One of the twins is on intermittent hemodialysis, which means he is undergoing dialysis once a day. His kidney functioning is improving, but his heart functioning is still low,” Dr. Gupta informed.

Kalia’s vital parameters are normal. However, he’s yet to gain consciousness. Experts are monitoring the twins' condition round the clock.

The team of specialists who were involved in the surgery expressed their concern about the survival of one of the twins.

The neurosurgeons say that the real challenge is to let their brains function independently.

Doctors said that a third surgery might happen in a couple of years to graft their skull bones and cover the exposed brain.

This is India’s very first separation surgery on craniopagus twins. Till date, there are about 59 craniopagus surgeries that have been performed worldwide.


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