Transgender Man Speaks About His Unexpected Pregnancy

by Bidita Debnath on Nov 16 2015 10:28 PM

 Transgender Man Speaks About His Unexpected Pregnancy
Kayden Coleman, a transgender man, thought he was gaining weight when he noticed his swollen stomach. Unbeknowst to Coleman, he was 21 weeks pregnant.
Kayden Coleman, then 27, was trying to transition into a man for almost 10 years when he decided he wanted to undergo double mastectomy. But before he could do that, he needed to stop his testosterone injections for six weeks. A checkup led to the discovery of his pregnancy in 2013.

At first, he even joked he should get a pregnancy test when he was hit with the pain. “I never thought about getting pregnant. Because of the male hormones, I didn’t think it was a possibility. It was definitely a surprise,” he told the Mirror Online.

With the shocking news, he and his husband, Elijah, who started dating a year before, had to plan for both their wedding and the baby's arrival. It forced him to eventually come out to his and his partner's family, who did not have the slightest clue that he was transgender, and caused a short tension with Elijah's family.

His delivery was not also entirely pleasant with medical students watching him feeling as if he was being treated like an experiment. After that, he had to suffer from a long bout of post-natal depression.

To ease the burden, Coleman had to quit his job and Elijah worked longer hours to care for baby Azaelia. Now almost two years later, the family said they finally have their happy ending.


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