by Kathy Jones on  August 9, 2013 at 9:05 PM General Health News
 Toxic Chemicals in Black Henna Could Lead to Fatal Consequences If Used Extensively
Extensive use of black henna could result in burns and allergic reactions as it contains toxic chemicals that can prove to be fatal, a senior official at Abu Dhabi Municipality said.

Khaleefa Al Romaithi, public health administration director at the Municipality told XPRESS that through their awareness campaigns, they are trying to spread the message that 'traditionally there is nothing called black henna,' the Gulf News reported.

He said dangerous chemicals and even petrol, car oil and hair dye are mixed with henna to give a black tint to the natural reddish-brown colour of henna.

Al Romaithi warned that certain chemicals used in black henna can drastically reduce the oxygen levels in the body.

However, despite the ban by both Abu Dhabi Municipality and Dubai Municipality, women say black henna is still being used at private parties and desert safaris.

Source: ANI

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