Tourette's Syndrome Sufferer Repeats Word ‘Biscuit’ 16,000 Times a Day

by Kathy Jones on Oct 1 2012 7:26 PM

A 32-year old woman in London suffering from Tourette's syndrome revealed that she says the word ‘biscuit’ at least 16,000 times in a day.
Jessica Thom said that she was diagnosed with the condition when she was a child and has had to struggle with the conditions, and the accompanying tics, throughout her life. Some of the other verbal and physical tics including involuntarily banging her head to the wall, saying nonsensical words or swearing in public and beating herself on her chest.

“As well as my many verbal tics, words or phrases that often draw on things I’m aware of, but not what I’m thinking. There are physical tics, which can make even simple things difficult, such as turning on a light switch or trying to withdraw cash from a bank machine with my debit card”, she said.